"Josh went above and beyond what I expected. His custom made Falconry bag he made for me is my most prized possession. I would wear it all the time if it were not for all the funny looks... but hey they are probably all jealous!"


"I had a custom rapier sword rig made by Inglewood Armory - The belt, the frog, and even a custom laced-up scabbard. I could not be more pleased with the work. Truly exceeded my expectations. It's beautiful down to the finest detail. I'm already thinking about my next project."

"Happy happy customer! Josh's approach to commissioned work is top notch. He really takes the time to collaborate with you on your original vision and employs his own experience and ideas to make sure that you make the best decisions and end up with an amazing piece that will last a long time. I had it made as a gift to a friend to house pictures of his work, which moved my friend to tears. He was completely blown away. I'm sure it will be in family for generations!"